About Us

Our Vision:

Build neurodiverse workplaces

Our Mission:

Transition gifted individuals on the autism spectrum

into valuable talent for corporations

Our Core Values:

Everyone brings value
Our talent, our team, our partners.

Engage fearlessly
The mission demands excellence.
We are compelled by an uncompromising passion for progress.

Focus on the one
The mission requires empathy.
When we impact one, we impact many.

Collaborate radically
The mission is bigger than any one of us.
We are better together.

Our Story

We are a team of aspiring social entrepreneurs passionate about achieving our mission to significantly transform the lives of adults on the autism spectrum by providing opportunities for meaningful and gainful employment. 

We believe our varied professional backgrounds, commitment to social causes and personal experiences are uniquely suited to establish a sustainable organization that will have a long-lasting impact for the autism community and society as a whole. Jessica’s consulting experience and passion for human-centric social impact, Paul’s technical acumen and experience serving the marginalized overseas, Lisa’s legal background and experience in special needs’ education, and Herag’s entrepreneurship and corporate experience make for a dynamic leadership team.

Sempra DI Summit 2019

Our Team

Herag Haleblian

President, Founder

Jessica Lee

Executive Director, Co-Founder

Lisa Haleblian

Director of Administration, Co-Founder

Monica Mitrani

Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Danielle Hunt

Talent Readiness Program Manager

Paul Barmaksezian

Director of Technology

Paige Binsley Coons

Program Associate

Janine Saunders Vella

Communications Associate

Board of Directors

Cathy Gott

Vicken Haleblian

Patrick Petersilia

Herag Haleblian

Jessica Lee

Advisory Team

Thought Leaders

Herag Haleblian
Short Bio

Herag Haleblian
Short Bio

Herag Haleblian
Short Bio

N.D. Leaders

Herag Haleblian
Short Bio

Herag Haleblian
Short Bio

Herag Haleblian
Short Bio


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