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Research Paper

Embracing Neurodiversity at Work​

Unleashing America’s Largest Untapped Talent Pool 

By: Jessica Lee and Matt Leger

The neurodiversity-at-work movement is about building awareness of, acceptance of, and appreciation for a diversity of minds.  Today, the neurodivergent workforce is still deeply misunderstood, undeserved and underused by employers and the broader workforce system.

To address these gaps, our research dives into this crucial issue to help employers and governments understand the opportunities and challenges of building work environments that empower neurodivergent individuals’ unique strengths and workplaces that embrace all minds.

Our “Embracing Neurodiversity at Work” paper is divided into five sections: 

  1. Overview of neurodiversity and history of the neurodiversity-at-work movement 
  2. Opportunities and challenges to building a neuro-inclusive workplace
  3. Guidance to employers to advance neurodiversity inclusion
  4. Government and policy recommendations to support neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace
  5. Conclusion and call to action

Podcast Feature

Hear more about the paper’s findings in our podcast episode on the “Disgruntled Millenial” podcast featuring the paper’s authors: Matt Leger, Jessica Lee and Brent Orrell.


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