Why It Matters

“Autistic adults may very well be the most disadvantaged disability group in the American workplace” – Sarah Carr

Our core service is to bridge the employment gap and remove unnecessary barriers that exist for both our neurodivergent community and corporations that hinder meaningful and gainful employment.

“Without gainful and sustained employment, adults with autism live at or below poverty levels on the welfare system of the state”

The Problem

Barriers to Overcome

1 in 36 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the United States.

Every year 50,000 children with autism turn 18 years old and 80% of these young adults are unemployed.

Over 50% of those employed are under-employed, their skills are higher than what their job requires.

Autism in adults costs the U.S. $175 billion per year, more than any other medical condition and greater than the cost of cancer, strokes and heart disease combined.

The high cost is not medical, but rather primarily due to loss of productivity and under-employment.

In California alone, costs increase by almost 150% when a child turns 18 years of age and they fall off the “services cliff.” Fewer services are offered, and yet self-advocacy and independence are expected.

The Solution

Bridging the Gap

A steady and competitive income increases quality of life, reduces mental health issues such as depression, and transitions individuals from dependence on government programs to valued and productive citizens of society.

Empathy and understanding among co-workers enriches the working environment for everyone, significantly improving the culture of an entire organization.

The integration of our neurodiverse community’s unique gifts into corporate culture and the creation of a neurodiverse workplace improves productivity and thus, improves the bottom line. Neurodiversity makes good business sense!

Finally, the reduction of reliance on government programs and the increase in employment income taxes directly benefit the growth of the economy.

Our Unique Approach

Our model starts with corporations and employers first: partnering and gaining a shared vision for dignity and inclusion, helping create a safe neurodiverse workplace, and identifying teams and jobs for neurodiverse staffing.

Then, we focus on finding, assessing, training and matching the right neurodivergent job candidates to the right job opportunities.

For many autism-related organizations finding employment often becomes ‘the final thing to do’ due to the multitude of other services provided; thus, the necessary energy and resources may not be dedicated to finding meaningful employment. 

We narrow our focus to corporate employment for our neurodivergent community. This allows us to become subject matter experts in corporate employment, and enables us to scale our services to more individuals.

Our philosophy is to extend the spectrum of jobs available to our neurodivergent community to include professional, corporate jobs.

We believe fully integrated corporate employment is an untapped market for the gifts our talent brings, and the next wave in autism and neurodiversity employment.

We believe radical collaboration is the key to achieving our mission with greater impact. 

We work closely with a network of partners consisting of service providers, academia, autism organizations, and government agencies.