Neurodiversity embraces and values a diversity of minds.


The last year has brought renewed focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in society, and in the workplace.


However, typically lost in that discussion is the neurodivergent community– those on the autism spectrum and with other cognitive and developmental differences.


Prior to the pandemic, the neurodivergent community had an 80% unemployment and 50% under-employment rate.  We can only imagine the impact of this past year and we are taking proactive efforts to include our neurodivergent community as we rebuild and recover.


This is why NeuroTalent Works and the Washington DC Global Shapers Community – an initiative of the World Economic Forum – have partnered to launch the Future of Neurodiverse Work Initiative.



 We hope you will join us!

Get Involved

As an Employer

As a Job Seeker


Corporate Neurodiversity Inclusion Information Session

Thursday, June 24: 12:30-1:30pm ET 

  • For employers: Develop as an inclusive leader by learning what neurodiversity is, why it matters, and how to build inclusive and equitable hiring and workplace practices for neurodivergent individuals
  • Join the conversation and initiative to increase employment opportunities for neurodivergent individuals in the greater Washington D.C. area

Neurodiversity & Workforce Development Educational Event 

Monday, October 18: 3:00-4:00pm ET

  • Join us for an important discussion and educational event on neurodiversity inclusion and employment and why neurodiversity is essential to the future of work 
  • Hear from neurodivergent self-advocates, workforce development experts, and corporations who have invested in neurodiversity

Take the pledge

The Future of Neurodiverse Work Pledge is a commitment on the part of employers to educate themselves about how to incorporate and prioritize neurodiverse talent in the workplace.

Employers that sign the pledge and make a $500 minimum donation will receive an invitation to our June 4th virtual corporate training event as well as our June 12th hiring and networking event.

Neurodivergent Job Candidates seeking employment in the Washington D.C. area, please submit your interest in the form below to receive more information and an invitation to our June 3rd training and June 12th virtual neurodiversity hiring event.