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We envision a world where the label of ‘disability’ is not marginalizing, but instead, developmental differences are valued as society’s greatest talents.

We believe the narrative needs to change, and we start that change in the workplace.

Finding meaningful employment can be an arduous journey due to the underlying expectations and unwritten rules in the professional world. We find corporate partners that are committed to building diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces for our neurodivergent community, recognizing and lowering many of the barriers that exist. 

We take a holistic approach in our intake process by first identifying your career interests and cognitive style.  We then provide training on essential business skills to prepare you for corporate employment. We strongly believe in matching your skill set and interests with the right job at the right company. And once you’re placed with one of our corporate partners, we provide on-going support to help you navigate your career growth.  

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Are you looking for meaningful employment? We would love to connect with you and share about job opportunities with employment partners committed to neurodiversity and inclusion.  Please complete the form and upload your resume.