Neurodiversity & The Future of Work

Panelists discussed: How employers should redefine talent, How to build inclusive hiring and management practices, Personal stories navigating the workplace as neurodivergent individuals, the role of public policy and the private sector.. and much more!

Reflections on 2017 – Our First Year!

As we look back on 2017, our team is grateful for our first year together incubating and launching The Spectrum Works!  It was truly an amazing year of growth, friendship, and purpose.  We’re thankful for the network we’ve cultivated supporting and partnering with us to help deserving adults with autism find meaningful employment! Looking back, […]

GivingTuesday 2017

As your news feed and inboxes have probably been made known repeatedly, today is #GivingTuesday, a global day to support and champion causes you believe in!  I find that an influx of the same messaging can sometimes dilute the message behind a cause and for that reason, I hope you’ll pause with me to consider […]