Weaver & Associates Grant Featured in Arcadia Chamber of Commerce!

Thank you Arcadia Chamber of Commerce for sharing about our partnership with Weaver & Associates Insurance and our recent $10K award donation to advance employment for neurodivergent adults (with cognitive disabilities and distinctions, like autism)!! We’re looking for more insurance agencies and companies to hire with us through our (Neuro)diversity in Insurance job training program! […]

Forbes Article on the State of ND Inclusion

A thought-provoking piece in Forbes today on the state of neurodiversity inclusion and employment in the U.S. and reflections on the paths continued and propelling us forward. It’s aways an honor for us to be quoted and consulted, Michael Bernick. Thank you! https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelbernick/2023/07/25/have-we-taken-a-wrong-turn-in-neurodiversity-employment/?sh=1ef4aab5d68a

(Neuro)diversity in Insurance Featured with the DOR

We’re very excited to have our (Neuro)diversity in Insurance program featured in the Department of Rehabilitation’s EmployABILITY site! See the full post and get more information here: https://www.employabilityca.com/post/neurotalent-works-earn-and-learn-neuro-diversity-in-insurance-job-training-hiring-program