Independent Voices Podcast: Neuro Talent Works’ Diversity in Insurance

JLJ Media’s James Lott Jr sits down with Insurance Industry Leaders of various fields from California. This podcast spotlights the Independent Agent and Broker. Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California advocates on behalf of independent insurance brokers and agents in California with vision, leadership and innovation by leveraging the power of uniting members to […]

Exploring Untapped Dimensions of DEI

Exploring Untapped Dimensions of DEI

Jessica and other DEI practitioners and leaders discussed how to dismantle barriers to the massive hidden talent pool that still exists by exploring untapped dimensions of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Orange County Neurodiversity at Work – April 2022

For the third year, OCASG hosted a Neurodiversity@Work (aka Autism@Work) conversation. Speakers included Tiffany Jameson, founder of Grit and Flow, Jessica Lee, founder of NeuroTalent Works, and Judi Uttal, president of The Orange County Asperger’s Support Group (OCASG) who provided insight into Neurodiversity@Work activities in Southern California. Tiffany interviewed Gina Ramirez, Plant Manager of a […]

Neurodiversity & The Future of Work

Panelists discussed: How employers should redefine talent, How to build inclusive hiring and management practices, Personal stories navigating the workplace as neurodivergent individuals, the role of public policy and the private sector.. and much more!

USC DEI Week 2021

USC DEI Week: Increasing Equity for Cognitive Diversity in Interview and Hiring Practices