GivingTuesday 2017

As your news feed and inboxes have probably been made known repeatedly, today is #GivingTuesday, a global day to support and champion causes you believe in!  I find that an influx of the same messaging can sometimes dilute the message behind a cause and for that reason, I hope you’ll pause with me to consider the true power of giving.

2017 has been a turbulent and trying year for our country and the world.  More often than not, I find myself feeling strong emotions about issues facing our society (gun laws, gender inequality, current leadership, etc.) and yet I also feel helpless and questioning in what can be done, and what I can do (measly little me)?  From starting a non-profit over this past year though, I’ve come to find, and have met so many amazing leaders who are out there fighting the good fight and dedicating their lives to fighting for these issues that matter on a daily basis– serving the marginalized and downtrodden, providing aid and services, stepping in to be a voice for others. And who better to serve than those who have a true heart for it?  Unfortunately, most leaders running non-profit organizations are constantly concerned with how they will seek funding for the next year(s), and spend grueling hours writing grants and seeking funding sources.  How much more effective would their time and energy be, if they didn’t have to worry about that, and could spend their time truly dedicated to the cause at hand that they are passionate about (enough to dedicate their careers to it!)?

Then there’s the rest of us who are working our jobs, doing great work also (building new technologies and services, serving in healthcare, etc.), impacted by these issues facing our society, yet we don’t always have the time or energy to participate and contribute to the causes we believe in and feel strongly about.  That’s where the power of giving steps in to bridge the divide, and close this gap.  By giving to organizations whose missions we believe in, we are empowering them to do the good work they are doing—the work that they want to do and are truly best equipped to do.  We can enable them to not spend their days concerned with fundraising, but instead, serving the communities and causes that we agree are important and need help and change in. (And yes, earned income revenue models for non-profits should be considered as well, but that’s a whole other discussion :))

I truly believe that we as humans are meant to live in community, and to operate together as a body.  We go through different seasons of life, when we’ll have less money and more money, good health and weakened health, and through the times that we can give, I hope that we do.  I hope that we realize the true power and partnership that comes from giving.  I hope that we help support the leaders and teams out there tirelessly fighting for the change we believe is needed in our world. 

So, when you see #GivingTuesday, consider that it is truly a giving & choose day (borrowed from the @MeriwetherFoundation)! By giving to non-profit organizations today, and any day of the year, you are choosing to help empower leaders to make change that you want to see in the world, for the causes that you believe matter.  Know that there is true power in your giving.

Let us never grow tired in doing good.  And let us help one another when we can, to build the world that we want to live and raise our children in!

Lastly, if you or a friend has a heart for the autism community, and diversity and integration in the workplace, we hope you’ll check out The Spectrum Works and consider partnering with us as well!

– Jessica

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