Exploring Untapped Dimensions of DEI

Exploring Untapped Dimensions of DEI

Jessica and other DEI practitioners and leaders discussed how to dismantle barriers to the massive hidden talent pool that still exists by exploring untapped dimensions of diversity, equity and inclusion.

USC DEI Week 2021

USC DEI Week: Increasing Equity for Cognitive Diversity in Interview and Hiring Practices

Forbes: The State of Autism Employment in 2021

In Wealth and Poverty, first published in 1981, George Gilder notes the growing calls at the time for guaranteed incomes and guaranteed jobs. Gilder draws on the writing of Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset, to explain the emptiness of these calls, and the social and individual importance of finding and holding a job—in some […]

2020 Year in Review

2020 was an amazing year of growth here at NeuroTalent Works (formerly The Spectrum Works). Read about it all here in our Year in Review!

Gratitude and Celebration: Reflecting on 2019

We wrap up this year feeling humbled and grateful for your continued support and partnership towards building neurodiverse workplaces and job opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum.  2019 has been a significant year for us: We incorporated as a 501(c)3, established our operational processes and Jessica transitioned to a full-time position enabling us to […]